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In light of the continuous development in the construction and contracting sector, and as a result of the widening gap between the supply and demand for goods & services caused increasing in competition & burning prices .PROJECT SUPPLIERS Platform Was born to be the first destination for suppliers to display their products and services on the one hand ,and  to be the first destination for materials & services seekers on the other hand allow accessibility to reach larger segment of suppliers which  empowers procurement choice to get best materials & best prices in  a simple easy and practical way

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Project suppliers platform provides intelligent data visualization of the best suppliers.. Allowing buyers to make the right decisions with the right data.

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Every purchasing department in any company faces a lot of challenges, but here we will consider the basic responsibilities of the Procurement Department.

Procurement experts have proven that the best option is the supplier you don't always see.

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Air Balancing Est. (ABE)
مؤسسة موازنة الهواء
Profissional Duct Factory 
فرع شركة زياد خطار و شريكه للصناعات
Nardeen Lighting Co. Ltd
شركة ناردين للانارة المحدودة

Energy Sheilds Trading Est.

مؤسسة دروع الطاقة التجارية

Al Sayed Center A/C & Refrigeration Materials Company
شركة مركز السيد لمواد التكييف و التبريد و الكهرباء التجارية
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العلامات التجارية